If you have taken one of our exams and you would like to share your results with an organisation, you can do this through the Candidate Results Online website.

To share your results you will first need to register using your ID and secret number. If you have lost or have never received your ID and secret number, please contact us.


1. First you will need to log into the Candidate Results portal with your ID and the password you created when you registered.

2. When you have logged into your account, click on Send my result.

3. Next, you will need to search for the organisation you would like your results to be sent to. Start typing the name of the organisation into the search bar. Select the relevant organisation from the drop down list and then click Send my result:

If you are presented with a list of organisations with the same name (e.g. Kings College), make sure you select the correct organisation from the relevant country/city (e.g. Kings College – Cambridge).

You can see the status of your results (read/unread) by navigating to the shared results tab:

What to do if your institution isn’t listed?

If the organisation you are applying to isn’t listed, they may not yet have an account. You can send them an invite by searching for the organisation name and then clicking Send them an invite

You will need to have their email address and website in order to send them an invite.

[Source: Cambridge Assessment English Support Site]