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Join our online part-time CELTA course now! (January 23, 2022 – March 28, 2022)


What is CELTA?

CELTA is the most widely recognised English teaching qualification in the world. It’s the qualification most often requested by employers; three out of four English language teaching jobs require a CELTA qualification. If you want to see for yourself, do a quick search on LinkedIn or any other jobs portal and you will see that most teaching jobs (or English and education-related jobs) require a Level 5 teaching qualification, which CELTA is.

Whether you’re a new teacher looking for their first teaching job, or you want to prove to employers that you have the teaching skills with a recognised certificate, CELTA is the qualification you need.

And now, CELTA is available in Moldova exclusively at our centre! Moreover, we are the only exam centre which offers the full range of Cambridge English General and Teaching Qualifications.

Who is CELTA for?

  • New teachers starting their career
  • First-language English speakers and non-first-language speakers
  • Teachers with some experience who want to develop their skills
  • Teachers who want to travel and teach English

Ideally, teachers who register for the CELTA course have already taken TKT Modules 1-3, as they provide the best theoretical foundation for CELTA. Teachers should also have a level of C1 in English. (If you take your C1 Advanced exam at our centre, we will offer you a discount for the CELTA course.)

What’s in the CELTA course?

The CELTA course covers the principles of effective teaching, and gives you a range of teaching techniques and practical experience. You get hands-on teaching practice and observation of experienced teachers, and you’ll apply your learning by delivering communicative teaching with English language learners.

Course format summary:

Image of CELTA Course Structure
CELTA Course Structure

How to register

Before we dive into the course itself, we conduct interviews in order to see whether the teacher is a suitable candidate for the course. Before the interview, potential candidates should complete a pre-interview task within 5 days of its receipt. If you’re interested on being on the course, please email or in order to receive the task. Here’s a short overview of the registration process:

Image of CELTA Registration Procedure
CELTA Registration Procedure

For more information on costs, please visit the COSTS section on our website.

Information on payment

We should mention though, that once you’ve decided to enrol in the course, you will have to pay a non-refundable fee of 200 EUR. This means that if you change your mind later on, this sum will not be reimbursed to you. We also offer the possibility of paying for the course in 4-6 instalments (you should clear all payment before receiving your certificate, otherwise we will withhold it until you complete the payment).

Registration is OPEN

If you’re interested in getting your CELTA certificate, then you better act fast! Our next course is going to be part-time and is scheduled for January 23rd, 2022 – March 28th, 2022. The course will take place on Sundays, from 9 AM to 5 PM, and teaching practice will take place on Mondays from 7 PM to 10 PM, via Zoom. Places are filling up quickly so register ASAP! 🙂

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